Rediscovering Jesus

Welcome to The Glory Centre!

We live in a world that daily cast aspersions on anything God; a world that is growing in hatred and opposition to God. Our generation has been called a post Christian one. We don’t want to have anything to do with God again. We are in the new age now. People don’t want you to mention God in the public space. Ours is a generation that has succeeded in confining God within the four walls of the church. That is where we want Him to remain if He wants to stay in “our world.”

The reason for all this is just because of wrong association. Jesus has been wrongly associated with religion, rules, laws, discrimination and stuffs like that.

But friend, Jesus is not religion. He didn’t come to establish any religion. In His own word:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

We’ve all been a victim of the thief. We’ve been robbed of many things: of joy, of peace, of love. Our marriage institution has collapsed. We’ve lost our children to drugs and other vices. Mental and emotional illness has taken their toll on us.  We’ve been defeated and disappointed.

And people have wrongly attributed all that to God. Natural disasters like hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes and so on are called the “acts of God.” But Jesus didn’t come to take from us. He said he has come for only one purpose: to add to us. He came to give us life and not just in small measure but super abundant life.

Friend, if you want real good life you need Jesus. He is all you need. One hymn line says: “There’s naught in this wide world can pleasure afford.”

When we talk about life we’re talking about things that make up for a good life, a beautiful life. Things like peace, joy, love, healing, and hope. That is the package that Jesus came with. We’re not talking about physical and material stuffs. We’ve all realized that the best things in life are actually not things.

Jesus is God’s answer to the world questions; God’s solution to the world’s problems. He said, for example: “In me you will have peace; in the world, you will have troubles.”

When you really get to know Jesus, you’ll love Him. In fact, you will fall in love with Him. This is what this church is about: It is to help people rediscover Jesus, so they can fall in love with him afresh.